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 Our customers come to us 

with great ideas, messages, resumes, product or services but lacking the copy, marketing tool or multimedia platform that best communicate their value.


Boost your professional credibility, social media presence or increase your employees engagement with        the experts at getting your value across: 

Akiva Digital Marketing & Communications

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This is Us

We are marketers and multimedia content producers


Our boutique agency specializes in creating or fine-tuning marketing communication tools

newsletters, flyers, infographics, resumes, email campaigns, social media management

  • Bilingual (English / Spanish) servicing all markets around the world

  • Over 20 years of experience helping companies and individuals communicate their value through engaging content

  • We'll provide you with a careful needs assessment and an affordable, personalized plan


Leave your digital marketing or corporate communication challenge in our hands. 


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You've got questions, we've the answers.   

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